Flying is ... an illusion, an ambition, a challenge that even inspired Leonardo da Vinci’s ingenious mind … Today, it is a dream come true, a line crossed and a unique and incomparable exciting experience if tried on Europe’s longest Zipline across a lake!

Oh yes, because Zipline Sauris combines technology and Nature: sliding on a steel cable and letting gravity work for you, you will glide over charming Lake Sauris and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Through the “Eagle flight” – the Zipline’s first leg, starting from Mount Ruche - and the “Hawk flight” - ending at the second viewpoint – you will reach during the “Dragon flight” Lake Sauris, La Maina suburb, near the canoe docking point.

3 kilometers of pure adrenaline... and not just that: Zipline also offers a multisensory experience amongst the Friulian forests and mountains, fun and play experienced with mind and body, in full safety. In fact, thanks to the coach’s instructions and a professional harness, the adventure on Zipline Sauris is suitable for everyone, adults and children.

Whether you are travelling alone, or with your family, friends or fiancé, we await you for a flight in total freedom.

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