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The Zahre craft brewery is a family-owned business, one of the first agricultural breweries in Italy to use malt from proprietary crops.

The Zahre Beer started out in 1999, at 1,400 meters of altitude, in Sauris di Sopra, at the heart of the Friulian Mountains. Pure mountain water, local hop and barley crops and unrelenting fine-tuning of recipes are the essential elements on which Zahre Beer has built its success, producing beers for all tastes.

The products of the Craft Brewery is indissolubly tied to the peculiar character of the Sauris territory, with a beer that fully reflects the heart of Sauris and its peoples.

The study of the local food and wine products, the innovation and knowledge of Italian and foreign master brewers complement each other to reach increasingly higher and more appreciated qualitative standards.

A quality, natural craft beer and the unequalled taste of the Sauri tradition.

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Bier Khelder: the ideal place to relax and taste a Zahre Beer with local food specialties

Bier Khelder is the store of the Zahre brewery, situated in Sauris di Sopra, a place that marvelously blends tradition and design, and where visitors can taste the Zahre beers, each in combination with the local food specialties, such as ham, home-made cheese, pork salted and smoked meat, mushrooms, mustard and fruit jams. And, if you do not want to miss the view, you can sit outside in our garden or select our unique “taste platter”.

Bier Khelder is an experience designed to discover the taste of local food products made with traditional natural ingredients.

By booking a tasting experience, you will get to know not only the basic ingredients, but also the secrets and the local tradition, which blend and create beer Zahre.

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Are your looking for a unique experience in touch with nature? You can find it at the “Sbilf” village in Sauris: small wood houses situated along the ridge of Mount Ruke: here you will find six small lodges immersed in the wood, away from the hustle and bustle.

Whether you want to live a romantic getaway, or are looking for a silent place to work on your next book, or if you long for a full-of-adventure experience with your friends, these rustic wood dwellings are right up your alley.

A small space with accurately selected details to include every comfort: living space, kitchenette and a cozy bedroom. All of this in just 12 sq meters.

Live the experience of a mini-house in the company of wood creatures. The Sauris small wood houses are the perfect place for a vacation in harmony with nature: here you will enjoy an experience in line with the philosophy of environmental sustainability and protection.

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Sauris Diffuse Hotel is the throbbing heart of the Sauris community: a type of hospitality that will take you in a unique dimension made of warmth and tradition. That which makes the Sauris Diffuse Hotel special is its variety of old log cabins (stavoli) and stone houses, renovated in full harmony with the local traditional architecture.

Whether you are a family, a couple or a group, wishing to break from daily routine, take refuge in romanticism or have lots of fun, the diffuse hotel has the right solution for your independent accommodation, available in various sizes and fully equipped with all comforts.

Moreover, upon rising …. a breathtaking view awaits you and a generous breakfast basket will be delivered directly at the door of your log cabin by the hotel reception (at the center of Borgo San Lorenzo), at the requested time. How can you resist?

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