The flight over the lake


2.5 km of pure adrenaline: an adventure that will take your breath away, amid enthralling views and high speed.

Zipline Sauris is a breath-taking experience that starts at the heart of the Friulian mountains, amid the wood of Mount Ruke, the smell of pine trees and the sound of cowbells from near-by pastures. After two flights suspended over century-old fir trees, the Zipline goes through the most fascinating panorama; the wood in fact opens up, unveiling Lake Sauris, and the suspended line flies for more than 1,000 meters over its pristine water.

The perfect experience for the lovers of intense emotions

The first two legs of the Zipline fly over the Mount Ruke ridge, offering an adrenaline-filled experience immersed in nature. After the first touchdown, a short walk through the wood will take you to the start point of the second leg of the Zipline, where you will get ready for a high-speed 600-meter-long flight suspended among the treetops as you get closer to the lake. The third and most fascinating stretch of the Zipline will take you on a flight of more than 1,000 meters over the bright turquoise water of Lake Sauris; leaving the wood behind, you will jump onto the lake.

Get ready for the adventure

It is essential that you arrive at the meeting point 45 minutes before the booked departure time. The meeting point is situated near at Bier Khelder the brewery of Zahre Beer, Sauris di Sopra n. 50 – Sauris (UD). (Ph. +39 328 7075327). Once the last bureaucratic formalities are cleared and the adequacy of outfits checked, a shuttle bus will take the group from there to Mount Ruke, where the Zipline starts and where visitors will find a training zone with a 20-m-long trial Zipline. All safety instructions will be given at this point to live the Zipline experience as excitingly and safely as possible. Following the information phase at the training zone, you are ready to fly on the Zipline.

An adrenaline-filled flight between heaven and earth

Zipline Sauris is divided into three legs, three breath-taking flights alternated with walks fully immersed in the nature of the Friulian Mountains. A coach will take the group all the way through the tour. The tour will take about one hour.

The eagle flight

The Zipline’s first leg is the so-called “Eagle flight”: a 570-m-long flight from Mount Ruke to the first walk through the wood, where one can breathe the fresh air of the Friulian mountains. The first leg ends onto a stunning panorama offering a glimpse of Lake Sauris.

The hawk flight

The second leg is called the “Hawk flight”: a 590-m-long adrenaline-filled flight that can even reach 100 km/h. With this flight, visitors will reach the second viewpoint, where one can admire the entire lake, with its beautiful turquoise color.

The dragon flight: Europe’s longest Zipline over the lake

The last stretch of the Zipline is the most impressive one, as fliers brush the pristine water of the lake through a breath-taking flight: a more than 1,200-m-long flight that will take you through the lake flying at a speed of 80 km/h. A unique experience that will take you from the wood to La Maina, right before the Sauris village. Here a shuttle bus will take the group back to the meeting point.




1 May - 30 June / 1 Sept - 31 Oct

all weekends + Friday and Monday OPEN.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday CLOSED

July and August

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Wednesday closed

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Price per ride per person: 77,00€

Price per ride per person in a group: 74,00€

Discounted price for rides at suggested hours: 74,00€


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